Loyalty Program

Membership in our Customer Loyalty Program is automatically available to all customers at no cost! A Customer Loyalty account is established for each member and will be credited with Loyalty Points each time an eligible purchase is made. As your Loyalty Points accumulate they can be converted for vouchers and used against the cost of future print jobs (shipping and taxes excluded). Get 1 Loyalty Point for every dollar you spend and start earning your rewards today!

Referral Program

Get a discount of $5.00 for you and your friends by recommending to others! It's quick and it's easy. Just fill in the first name, last name, and e-mail address(es) of your friend(s) in the Referral program section of your member account. When one of them makes at least 1 order, he or she will receive a $5.00 voucher and you will receive your own voucher worth $5.00 to spend at iPrintEasy!

Terms & Conditions

  • Participation in our Loyalty Rewards Program and Referral Program is free.
  • Members will earn points with every eligible purchase made on our site.
  • Members currently earn 1 point for every whole dollar spent, except during special rewards days/promotions when you can earn double, or triple or even more points.
  • Double and triple points days will be noted in our email newsletter, on our social media profiles such as Facebook and Twitter, and through public notices on our website.
  • Loyalty points may be used at any time after you have earned at least $1 in point value.
  • If your account is left inactive for 6 months, your rewards points and any unused referral bonuses may expire and be deleted. In order to remain active, you must complete an eligible purchase or log into your account and periodically update your profile information to register your activity in the site.
  • Loyalty Points and Referral Bonuses are not transferable between customer accounts.
  • Loyalty points and Referral Bonuses have zero cash value, and can only be used to purchase products and services on this website.
  • Under no circumstance will Loyalty Points be retroactively credited to an account.
  • Loyalty Point values, Referral Bonus value, rules, and terms & conditions are subject to change at any time and without prior notice.
  • At this time, purchases made using our Design Center are not eligable for Loyalty Points. We are working toward adding this feature in the near future. If you have qustions, you may contact us for updates on the progress of this update.

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