Shipping Policy

We ship all packages via UPS. During shipping you may elect to use a variety of UPS shipping options. We base our shipping rates on information that we receive automatically from UPS. Shipping charges on various items may change from time to time and may always remain the same.

All orders are shipped FOB (Free On Board) shipping point, which means all ownership and any risk of loss is transferred to you once we deliver the product to UPS.

At this time, we cannot use a customer’s UPS account or any other carrier for delivery.

We make every possible effort to accurately represent shipping and turn around times, however, our use of a third party shipping service means we cannot guarantee any specific delivery date or time.

Your estimated shipping time is always in addition to the order turn around time selected when you added the products to your cart. To determine your delivery date, you must add our turn around time to the estimated shipping time and plan accordingly.

We can ship to destinations outside of the United States; however, you must contact us directly to arrange the appropriate shipping costs and assist you with placing the amended order. We retain the right to refuse shipments to any location.

If you have additional questions, please contact our support department at 888-892-5812.

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